Llandra Saga Newsletter

Thank you and welcome!

The Llanda Saga Newsletter will be published on an ad-hoc basis as new events unfold in the world of the Llandra Saga. I'll keep you up to date on new stories in Randall's world, and when they become available in new formats, like paperback, hardback, and audiobook. I occasionally also get freebie codes from Audible and discount codes from Lulu, and I'd love to occasionally run a contest or giveaway via the mailing list, so that my most die-hard fans have first crack at them.

I promise that I won't deluge your inbox. Recently, I've been trying to send out a weekly email on Mondays to let my fans know how the next book is coming along, but they're usually pretty short. I'm not much of a marketing kind of guy, and prefer to spend most of my time working on my next book, so I'll try to keep any mailings short, sweet, and to the point.

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